Vroom at the Top

The rolling landscape of the Arkansas River Valley leads to many exciting twists and turns across the hills and mountains where the Ozarks intersect with the Ouachitas. Scenic Highways are the rule rather than the exception: from the famous Scenic Byway 7, to Mount Magazine Scenic Byway (Arkansas 309), Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway (Arkansas 21), and more. Just about any path you take will accelerate your imagination, but several rides are almost guaranteed to take your breath away—including the “Take Your Breath Away Run” down Scenic Highway 7 to Dardanelle past the beautiful Benedictine monastery at Subiaco and up to Mount Magazine State Park. Or take the “Bootlegger’s Trail” from Clarksville on Scenic Highway 21 and circling back on Highway 123 around the Ozark National Forest.

Directions to “Take Your Breath Away”:

  • Take Hwy 7 South to Dardanelle
  • Turn left on Jct 7/Hwy 22. Go .01 miles
  • Turn right at Wal-mart on Hwy 27
  • and go 18.4 miles
  • Turn right on Hwy 10 at Danville
  • and go 8.4 miles
  • Turn right on Hwy 309 at Havana
  • Stop for breathtaking view
  • Visit Mount Magazine State Park
  • Continue on Hwy 309 then turn right on Hwy 22 for 34 miles to Dardanelle
  • Turn left onto Hwy 7 back to Russellville

Directions for The Bootlegger’s Trail:

  • Leave from Clarksville on Scenic Hwy 21 and return via Hwy 123. This scenic loop encompasses up to 100 miles of beautiful, breathtaking scenery of the Ozark National Forest. Waterfalls, mountaintops, unique structures, and historic stops are just some of the features you’ll enjoy on this day-long trip. Johnson County Regional Chamber of Commerce provides a milepost brochure and map of the entire trail for your convenience.